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About Us

Sten Shoonmaken


As a modern and efficient company, we provide our services for the people and companies in Austria. The needs of our customers always come first. Together we achieve the desired sustainable cleanliness effect on a wide variety of surfaces.


We create pure conditions!

Our history

Our story

The aim of our Dutch natural stone friend (Sten) was and is to preserve and protect natural, artificial and concrete stone surfaces that he designed as well as existing ones. This resulted in the shared joy of developing and using products for this. With his many years of experience and expertise combined with our many years of experience in application, these were initially created and are now used by us in stone cleaning.

Through our ongoing application, we were able to identify additional potential for improvement and to continuously develop and improve the products over the years.

Starting with stone cleaning, we have now developed into a comprehensive cleaning service provider.


With our services, we make your surfaces shine again, both indoors and outdoors. Cleaning is carried out using our proven special process using our own cleaning agents. 

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