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Pure marble for Christmas!

Marble is one of the most popular natural stones for many surfaces. Its individual marbling makes it an eye-catcher for floors, stairs, countertops and more. To maintain its noble appearance in the long term, proper cleaning and care is very important. In this article you will learn how to best clean marble slabs, marble tiles and marble floors gently and protect them in the long term.

The POWER cleaning tips from this post

  • In principle, clean marble with water or the appropriate cleaning product from Sten Shoonmaken with mechanical support e.g.: a brush.

  • Avoid cleaners that contain acid so that the lime in the marble is not destroyed and it loses its luster.

  • Use only special cleaner for marble to remove stubborn oil stains, rust stains and green film.

  • After thorough cleaning, impregnate your marble surface with a special agent to best protect it from new dirt.

  • For regular maintenance, use a ph-neutral cleaning product.


Cleaning process

The first thing to do is to remove the coarse dirt from your marble surface. With Sten Shoonmaken Universal cleaner MUB 101 you can thoroughly remove dirt, dried grease, oil or even wax from your marble surface. You can also use this cleaner on other natural stones. To ideally prepare your marble for the subsequent impregnation, apply the cleaner well diluted with a sponge, cloth or brush, depending on the degree of dirt. Spread it evenly over the marble and let it soak in briefly. Now you can wipe the surface well with a damp cloth. All stains on your marble should be removed.

HINT: Marble should not get into contact with acids such as bathroom cleaners or other acidic cleaners because it is a calcareous stone. The lime makes up part of the shine in the stone. Acid destroys lime causing the marble to lose its luster and become dull.

Sten Shoonmaken Universal cleaner MUB 101 is best suited for cleaning oil or grease stains.


Precautionary measures to minimize impurities

After thorough cleaning, the marble should be impregnated to protect it from renewed heavy soiling. Therefore, take precautions with the diffusion-open impregnation Sten Shoonmaken Uni-protect impregnation USI202. By impregnating you protect e.g.: Your marble floor in the kitchen well from dripping fat or oil.

Impregnation creates a protective layer that penetrates into the pores of the stone. As a result, the dirt remains on the surface of the impregnation layer. Impregnation can be done when the stone is completely dry.

The impregnation can be applied with suitable tools such as cotton strips or rollers. When applying, make sure that the agent is evenly distributed. After impregnation it takes up to 24 hours until the full effect occurs. Now your marble floor is protected from all liquids, which you can see from the beading effect.

Sten Shoonmaken Uni-protect impregnation USI202 is ready to use and protects your stone surfaces with its visible beading effect.


Regular marble care

Do not forget to maintain your marble regularly! For maintenance, it is recommended to use a professional cleaner that does not contain acid and that makes maintenance quick and easy. We recommend the Sten Shoonmaken Universal scent cleaner UDR40. This cleaner is ideal for shiny surfaces and also perfect for regular household cleaning. The universal fragrance cleaner refreshes the look of the marble, makes the surface dirt resistant and not slippery.

The Sten Shoonmaken Universal scent cleaner UDR40 dries your surfaces in a flash, streak-free and shiny.


At Sten Shoonmaken we specialize in cleaning and impregnating all types of surfaces. Contact us for questions about our products or professional cleaning.

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