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Multi-area cleaner MUB01

Product description

Sten Shoonmaken® Multi-area Cleaner MUB01 - Concentrate


• Effortlessly removes old care films, wax, grease, oil, soap and the like.
• The organic components are easily biodegradable.
• For all ceramic, artificial and concrete stone surfaces

material-friendly Intensive cleaning concentrate for the quick and safe removal of pore-deep soiling, e.g. B. Oils, coffee, tea, soot, nicotine deposits, caked Floor care products, self-shine films, polishes, layers of wax and soap, nicotine residues, yellowing, emulsion paints and stubborn animal and vegetable fats. Recommended for basic cleaning before applying sealing or impregnation.

Areas of application:

Ideal for all indoor and outdoor ceramic, artificial and concrete stone surfaces. Can also be used on natural stone, plastic, PVC, rubber, linoleum, painted wood and much more.

Depending on the degree of soiling, dilute 1:20 to 1:350 with water and mix well. Distribute well and wash off with clear water after a short exposure time. In the case of very stubborn dirt, mechanical support has an accelerating effect.

In the case of extreme soiling, possibly repeat the process with a higher concentration.


Multi-area cleaner MUB01

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