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Your Styrian cleaning service provider for Austria


Creates pure conditions

Building on our strong foundation as a stone cleaning specialist, we have evolved into a full cleaning service provider for Austria.

We are a comprehensive cleaning service provider that is always a fair partner to its customers and, with its product innovations, we contribute to the ecological use of cleaning products.

Our cleaning services

Basic cleaning

In the course of the basic cleaning, which we offer for companies and private households, stubborn dirt is removed. With our professional basic cleaning / intensive cleaning, your building or home will shine in new splendor.

Maintenance cleaning

With ongoing and regular cleaning, buildings and other surfaces are freed from the dirt that accumulates every day. With our experienced, competent and conscientious specialist staff, we guarantee you high-quality cleaning performance for your office, practice or home.

Stone cleaning

With our many years of know-how, we remove deep-seated dirt (oil, rust, grease) and also heavy moss and algae growth from indoor and outdoor stone surfaces. We rely on our brush cleaning process including impregnation to preserve the stone surface in the long term.

Glass cleaning

We clean glass surfaces such as windows (inside and outside), window frames, shop windows, glass doors, interior glazing and  also carry out other cleanings on request.

With our cleaning we ensure crystal clear and perfect perspective! 

Construction site cleaning

Whether coarse or fine dirt, building rubble, cement veil, plaster residue, wallpaper residue or glued panes of glass - our specialists bring order back to the construction site. In all construction phases, we support your construction or renovation project with individual construction cleaning in a wide range.

Facility cleaning

Do you need help cleaning your pool, spa or other facilities? We can dynamically adapt the team size to your needs and ensure hygienic cleanliness in no time at all.

Do you have special cleaning requirements or questions about our offer?

We look forward to your inquiry and are always at your disposal.

Cleaning products

Eliminates effortlessly Algae, moss and other green growth indoor and outdoor. Permanently removes green growth from natural stone, concrete stone, ceramics, glass and porcelain from the first application. Ideal for cleaning terraces and walls.

Sten Shoonmaken®

Algae moss remover

Cleaning concentrates with extra power


The Sten Experts Edition brings the necessary strength for use in professional cleaning work. These highly concentrated variants remove any dirt without attacking and dulling the surface.

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Our concrete patio was already very dirty and unsightly.

The Sten Shoonmaken team gave us excellent advice and did the cleaning professionally and efficiently. Now it's a lot of fun to spend our free time on our beautiful patio again.

Barbara Bruckner


All from a single source.

We have many years of experience in the cleaning trade and will find a solution for every type of dirt.

Have we piqued your interest?

We would be happy to advise you and create an offer for your needs.

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