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Our cleaning services

Glass cleaning


Cleaning for a crystal-clear view

Fenster putzen

We clean your glass surfaces from the inside and outside, such as window frames, blinds, partitions, glass blocks, glass facades, doors, interior glazing and terrace roofs, whether in your private or office space. Our particularly qualified employees work with most modern techniques as well as with special, gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning products. As a specialist company, we have many years of experience to carry out special cleaning quickly and cost-effectively to your satisfaction. This includes UV-coated glass panels, skylights, conservatories and hard-to-reach windows. On request, we are happy to combine window cleaning with a thorough cleaning at the same time.



Analysis of the situation.


Determination of the appropriate cleaning procedures and cleaners for the requirements.


Carrying out the cleaning work to ensure complete cleanliness.


Common  decrease in cleaning performance.


Agreement on recurring maintenance cleaning if required.


Professional cleaning ensures a new shine and also promotes the value of your surface areas or real estate.

Use of energy efficient cleaning machines and innovative cleaning products. 

Time and cost savings by handing over to cleaning professionals.

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