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Multi-protection impregnation MSI02

Product description

Sten Shoonmaken® Multi-protection impregnation MSI02

 • Strong non-stick components provide a repellent effect against liquids and dirt.
• Bonds to the substrate and therefore offers protection for several years.
• For concrete stone, sandstone, paving stone, terraces, walls, roof tiles and facades.


Breathable 2-phase impregnation concentrate for all types of porous or absorbent mineral substrates. The agent is transparent and does not change the appearance of the surface. Treated surfaces become neither slippery nor sticky. Less dirt gets into the pores and is easier to clean. The drying times after rain are drastically reduced and the breeding ground for algae, mosses and lichens, for example, is removed.

Areas of application:
Ideal for terraces, facades, roof tiles, carports, concrete, paving stones and sandstone as well as all types of porous or absorbent mineral surfaces. With 5 liters of impregnation mixture, an area of approx. 40-60 m² is protected at a mixing ratio of 1:9 with water.


Thoroughly clean the area to be treated beforehand and allow it to dry completely. If necessary, dilute 1:9 to 1:10 with water and mix well. Apply the agent to the surface using a spray bottle/sprayer, alternatively with a cotton strip or roller. Connection surfaces do not need to be covered. When applying, ensure that the agent is distributed evenly to avoid puddle formation and sticky effects. The surface must not be wet or walked on during the drying time of 4 to 8 hours.

 Always read label and product information before use.

Multi-protection impregnation MSI02

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